Dear Mr. Ordaz and Team,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent job you have done on constructing our pool. My family and I have been enjoying it immensely. We receive compliments from family, friends, and neighbors about the “great job that was done by whoever built your pool”. I am quick to tell them it was Pool Concepts.

Everybody that we dealt with throughout the process was a pleasure to work with and very professional. Our salesman went above and beyond his call of duty to make our pool possible by assisting us with our city BOA Committee meeting and speaking on our behalf. He was quick to answer any questions or concerns and was always available to assist in any way he could. Our superintendent was very helpful in getting even the smallest of details corrected, many times before we would bring them to his attention. Javier and his crew did an excellent job on the coping, decking and waterfall. They were always very polite and accommodating.
It is obvious that you take pride in the pools that you build and that pride carries throughout your company. Once again, thank you and your team for the job you have done. Pool Concepts will come highly recommended from our family.

Brandon and Amy

We cold not have been more pleasantly surprised with the ease of the process. We have been singing your praises to everyone! Great Job! We have enjoyed the pool more than you know. Thank you for giving us a home paradise.

Kevin & Christy B.

Fantastic work made better by the oversight of JR. We were especially impressed with your salesman, Tom, and his detailed design, and also the incredible work of the excavation, decking and plumbing crews. Please feel free to include my name as a satisfied Pool Concepts customer. I’ll endorse your product at every opportunity. P.S. – Paul and Pete were outstanding!

Michael S.

Dear Pete, Tom and I just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with our pool. Please use us as a reference anytime to any prospective customers. We appreciate the way you stayed with us until everything was to our complete satisfaction. We have enjoyed using the pool and entertaining friends and family around it. Thank you so very much and God Bless.

Cathy D.

“I have had my pool one and a half years. The last few times I contacted your customer service guy, Ryan, I have been very pleased with the service. He has trouble shot my concerns over the phone and promptly sent out a technician in a professional manner. The Technician was thorough in checking all the equipment. The staff always answered my questions and gave good advice in a courteous manner. In fact, Ryan even called me to let me know of a Manufacturer defect on my filter that requires an additional part and informed me I would be on a list to get it repaired as soon as possible. Customer service has really declined in businesses these days and it’s refreshing to have knowledgeable, personable and professional staff accommodating my service needs”

Dear Pool Concepts, Please pass on my thanks to Tomas and Fern. They were great, hard working and very conscientious in their jobs. My pool experience thus far has been First Class.

Steven W.

Very professional company, excellent correspondence, excellent guidance through selections and process! Fabulous waterfall! Very price competitive with top three pool companies. We have and will highly recommend Pool Concepts!

Eugene and Susan L.

Dear Ryan,
We just wanted to take the time to thank you and your maintenance staff for diligently attending to our issues with the Triopure unit. The new unit you installed is working wonderfully and we will do our best to keep it clean as instructed by Tom so it will continue to do so. Pool Concepts has never hesitated to assist us in “working out the kinks” while we have adjusted to caring for our new pool or in replacing any faulty equipment.

Thank you again, we know the friends we have referred have also enjoyed working with your staff and we will continue to refer anyone we hear that is interested in building a pool. We have definitely enjoyed ours and always receive very nice comments about it. Your company certainly takes pride in the work they do and it shows. Please keep up the good work; we are proud to say our pool was built by Pool Concepts.

Julie V.

We would like to compliment the entire Ordaz family, especially Ryan, who was very courteous and returned all our calls with concerns.”

Eugene and Zelda

We are very pleased with our pool. Although it was overwhelming maintaining the pool at first, Pool Concepts techs were always ready to help. We are surprised the pool was completed in a short time and in the timeframe Pool Concepts said is would be. We love the design and patio area around the pool.

James and Sylvia

Pool Concepts built our pool in the fall of 2001. It was a great experience. Start to finish, the pool was completed in less than a month. Our back yard wasn’t huge and we wanted a lot of features—waterfall, benches, plus a deep end of at least 6 feet—a tall order! Pete’s design delivered everything we wanted and really took into account the other features of our yard, trees, etc. Why am I writing this review now, in 2013? Because we had an experience this week that really attests to the quality of a Pool Concepts pool and the materials and equipment they use. I guess we weren’t paying close attention at “pool school” and completely missed the part about taking the DE filter apart once or twice a year and cleaning the filter grids. So for the last TWELVE YEARS, we haven’t touched the thing! We started noticing what looked like DE sitting on the steps and benches, what I now know is called blow back. We called Pool Concepts and spoke to Ryan Ordaz. He couldn’t believe we had never cleaned that filter!! He sent a repair person out THAT SAME DAY, who replaced those filter grids in about 30 minutes. He also couldn’t believe that the filter had functioned so well for so long. The pool is beautiful and sparkling once more.

We are getting ready to build a house and will be calling Pool Concepts to build our next pool. Whoever buys our current home will, I’m sure, enjoy our pool as much as we have. Great designs, workmanship, and customer service. Two thumbs WAY UP. Pool Concepts is by far the best pool construction company in San Antonio! From the day we walked into the office until the day my kids were swimming in a beautiful new pool, they were professional, friendly and honest.

We found their quality of work to be exceptional. They spent time with us in the design phase and offered advice as well as listening to our concerns and ideas. The fly-through 3D rendering was extremely helpful in understanding what the final project would look like.

Even after they had all the money for the pool, they quickly addressed any issues, they were friendly and helpful. They even helped me move an 800+ lb hot tub to the pad they had built for it months later.

We did our homework and met with several other high profile pool companies. The other companies were less than helpful, extremely expensive and in some cases just dishonest. Anyone even thinking of building a pool needs to go see Pool Concepts.

My name is Levi Rodgers and I had a Pool Concepts Pool built in my backyard, and I am a Retired Army Officer and a San Antonio area Real Estate Professional. My family decided to get a Swimming Pool for my family’s home in the San Antonio area because of the crazy San Antonio heat and due to my injuries I received in Afghanistan in 2009, it is hard for me to exercise with anything that requires impact…. So I needed to design a pool that fit my needs as well as the needs of a lot of our family friends who are also Disabled Veterans.

The salesperson Jason Ordaz, who is Pete Ordaz’s son did a great job…. First of all, when I told them I was a Disabled Veteran, the entire staff at Pool Concepts was there to support me and help me out. I have a lot of friends that are in wheel chairs or prosthetics and I wanted a design that would facilitate them as well when they are over with their kids and so forth. Pool Concepts was excellent every step of the way, period.
One of the main factors that I chose Pool Concepts is that they build a CUSTOM Pool that is very high end; I am so very impressed by the pool… there is an amazing Beach entry, Rock Waterfall, and amazing Waterslide made out of gunite that is incorporated into the pool. They brought in one of the states most sought after concrete specialists to do my slide and it turned out FABULOUS…! We have several friends that live in much higher end communities than we do that have used Pool Concepts. Pool Concepts is building pools in all of the higher end communities in San Antonio, and they are doing so without forgetting about building pools for guys like me and my family…. They made this pool very special for us.

One of the main factors that I chose Pool Concepts is that they build a CUSTOM Pool that is very high end; I am so very impressed by the pool… there is an amazing Beach entry, Rock Waterfall, and amazing Waterslide made out of gunite that is incorporated into the pool. They brought in one of the states most sought after concrete specialists to do my slide and it turned out FABULOUS…! We have several friends that live in much higher end communities than we do that have used Pool Concepts. Pool Concepts is building pools in all of the higher end communities in San Antonio, and they are doing so without forgetting about building pools for guys like me and my family…. They made this pool very special for us.

Another reason that we made the decision to go with Pool Concepts, By Pete Ordaz is that they of the demonstrated customer service and willingness to earn my business. They answered my calls and responded to my inquiries. They even sent me through a Pool School to teach me how to maintain my beautiful pool.

Unlike many of the competitors, Pool Concepts does not up charge you for extra digging charges. If they hit a ton of rock and have to dig for five days, it is what it is… you pay nothing extra. That was pretty cool because we live on a ton of limestone…!
Bottom line, any project of the magnitude of a pool project is going to have some questions or concerns, it’s how those questions or concerns are handled is what matters. Pool Concepts treated me right from the get go and I am glad that we chose them.
In closing…I cannot say enough good things about Pool Concepts by Pete Ordaz… They are a Family Owned and Operated business that really cares about their customers and build an amazing product. Additionally, all of the crews that were out here working to build my pool were very respectful, courteous, and amazing at their individual trades…

On a Professional Level, as a Real Estate Professional, I deal with a lot of home sales in the San Antonio area and I have and continue to recommend to all of my clients that are building pools or remodeling their existing pool that Pool Concepts, By Pete Ordaz is going to make their dollar go further in the end and they will get more bang for the buck. In my professional opinion, If you are going to build a pool, build one with a company that will build you a pool that will help your home sell in the future….not one that will hinder the sale. Pool Concepts Cares, They really do…! It was a very pleasurable and memorable experience….!

Thank you to the Ordaz Family and May God Bless you all….!


I’m still a few months out before I can secure the financing of my pool, but I can say this company has the most wonderful employees and excellent customer service. The showroom is beautiful, as are their designs. It is obvious this family would take great care of their clients. I’m looking forward to doing business with them.

I was on a limited budget and had a “”tricky”” backyard as well. Pool Concepts went way beyond my expectations and way beyond what other pool contractors would do. To say they worked with me does not describe the lengths to which they went to make me happy. I researched nearly every pool contractor in SA. I got quotes from several. No one and I mean NO ONE, was willing to do what Pool Concepts will do for you. In addition, they guarantee the equipment for 5 years and the pool for life. The others only guarantee the equipment for 3 and no one guarantees the pool for life. Keith Zars even charges you a “”annual maintenance fee”” to guarantee the equipment and pool! A pool is a huge expense. You must do your research, and when you do, you will find Pool Concepts to be the best in SA. Bar none! Call Jason Ordaz, the owner’s son, (210)695-5111, for a professional estimate and very detailed, computerized rendering of your future pool. I have no regrets and will recommend them to everyone I know in SA.


I am writing this to anyone looking to put in a new in-ground custom pool. Against my better judgment, I made the mistake of going with a cheaper BID and did not ultimately choose Pool Concepts. I have seen the work done by Pool Concepts at many of my friend’s homes and now regret not paying a little extra for the quality and excellent personal service touch that the Ordaz family brings to the table. The bottom line, they build a QUALITY product for a competitive price. During the build phase of my existing pool, I could not get straight answers or timely returned phone calls from the company I had contracted with… One day I called into Pool Concepts and asked to speak with Jason or Pete. Within a few hours, they both had returned my phone call and helped me understand some of the things going on with the construction of my pool. They had already lost the pool bid and had no reason to invest their time with us…however, they did and this is a testament to their quality run family business. They are looking to help customers for the long run, not for a simple sale of a single pool. My recommendation is, Get a design you like and lots of quotes from reputable custom builders in San Antonio, then make sure Pool Concepts is strongly considered as a front runner!

Pool Concepts is GREAT!

Our pool is finished and we took our first swim last night. Pool Concepts did a great job and listened to what we wanted and then designed a pool that fits perfectly into our backyard. We are going to get many, many years of great fun and memories because of our new pool and we thank Pool Concepts for that. We were confident from the start that they would do a great job because of their attention to detail and they lived up to our expectations. The process of installing the pool was a big one and we had no idea of the work that would have to go into it. We know that our soil type was a little unexpected but we knew that by choosing Pool Concepts we had nothing to worry about and were very confident that they would do what was needed to make sure we don’t have any issues, and we were not disappointed. Working with Pool Concepts has been a great experience and we will refer them to anyone that we know that may be thinking about installing a pool. We are very happy Pool Concepts customers and will tell as many people as we can that “life just got a little better, with Pool Concepts”.

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